StaciJoy appeared before my family at the perfect time, when my wife and I were feeling frustrated that we were not meeting all of our family’s nutritional needs. We appreciated how StaciJoy jumped right in and interacted with our three young children about the fundamentals of nutrition and the right way to eat. Her ongoing support has allowed us to slowly change our health habits, and we now have a clear understanding of how to stay healthy as a family. I highly recommend StaciJoy as your primary health educator if you want to make big improvements in your family’s overall health picture.

Brian Sharp - GoBig Company

I highly recommend StaciJoy. She has helped my family in many ways over the past several years, including my teenage daughter. It is clear that her passion is educating children and adults about health and whole food nutrition. I have attended several of her great public speaking events, and she has visited my family in my home, helping us with everything from chronic health problems to simply strengthening our immune systems against the common cold. StaciJoy would be a great resource for you or for your office, to help prevent disease and improve your health. When I think of pure health and nutrition, I think of StaciJoy.

Glen Sewell - Independent Insurance Agent

My family had the opportunity to work with StaciJoy in the area of whole food, processed foods, and nutrition concepts. My two school-age children found her to be fun and entertaining, and the information that she shared with them is still in place today. My family is much more aware of what we are eating as a result of working with StaciJoy. For families that want to learn more about the relationship between food and health, I highly recommend working with StaciJoy.

Laura Eklund - Arrow Realty

StaciJoy has been a great inspiration to me in my own personal health and nutritional habits. An amazing speaker and leader, her dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm have motivated me to improve my lifestyle, and she has changed the way I look at food and exercise. StaciJoy is a person who really cares about the health of her community, and has strived to educate people in a very fun and engaging way. As a result, I have personally benefitted by seeking out delicious, nutritious foods and supplements, which I’m sure has contributed to a more active and healthy lifestyle for me.

Lisa Padgalskas, Laguna Beach, California

StaciJoy has been an unlimited resource to our family in matters concerning our health and diet. She has educated us about whole food nutrition and invites us to her lectures and the lectures of other health experts, and is always available to answer questions about my family’s diet and health issues. StaciJoy has given us the tools that greatly boost our immune systems and we rarely get colds or flu viruses to which coworkers and friends fall prey. She sends us videos and articles informing us of the latest research concerning health issues. Thanks to StaciJoy, my family is healthier and better equipped.

Amy Zeidell - MEd, Educator, Cajon Valley Middle School

StaciJoy is not only a phenomenal woman, but is an individual who truly cares about the health and wellness of others. I’ve had the privilege of working with StaciJoy as a key nutrition resource, a speaker at my wellness events, and an internet radio show co-host. Her dynamic approach to healthy eating is universal and can be caught and learned by everyone. I thank her for truly living her passion and sharing her knowledge with all of us.

Monique Hollowell - CEO Lafemme Mobile Gym

StaciJoy has an amazing ability to teach profound concepts in a way that anyone can understand and implement. Everyone who hears her is empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Whether she is presenting, writing or teaching, her audience feels her passion, hears her wisdom and is inspired into action.

Kathrine Lee - Owner Decision Health Srvs Inc., Author of The Source

StaciJoy has taught me so much about the importance of whole food nutrition. Her passion for teaching others how to achieve optimal health is infectious. She has a gift for explaining how our bodies work and the importance whole food nutrition plays in disease prevention, healing and overall well-being. As a speaker, Staci is engaging, thoughtful and full of knowledge.

Stacey Lehnen - Business Owner, Envision Care Management

Every time I hear StaciJoy speak, I am inspired toward better health and learn immensely valuable information that I can use to educate others. Her upbeat personality and solid clinical knowledge combine to make her presentations a treat and treasure trove of practical health education! StaciJoy is my ‘go to gal’ for clinical nutrition information.

Lisa Ota - RD, MPH, Business Owner, SacreBite

StaciJoy is a lively, thought-provoking speaker. Whether informing or calling to action, listeners will be engaged, armed and ready to make changes! StaciJoy helps the public make sense of the confusing information that pervades the media and gives us tools to become discerning consumers. I recommend StaciJoy to anyone ready to make some lifestyle changes.

Joy Kelly - ACE Fitness Trainer, National Step Aerobics Champion