Keynote Speaker StaciJoy

StaciJoy guides audiences in identifying the way they want to feel. She then shows them easy, small steps to have the health, energy and mental focus they long for.

This dynamic talk engages audiences with activity, enjoyment and self-created steps towards their goals. Tools for managing health, weight and stress lead to better attendance and clearer focus on the job.

For corporate audiences StaciJoy shows attendees how to:

  • Bring more energy to work
  • Reduce risks of debilitating diseases
  • Accomplish more by feeling better

Counsels & Trains People with Diverse Health Issues

StaciJoy’s extensive counseling and speaking experience include getting results for populations as diverse as corporate employees and people with long-term, degenerative diseases such as:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • AIDS
  • Parents of children with the autism spectrum

StaciJoy has also delivered special programs for:

  • Weight and obesity challenges
  • Elderly health issues
  • Resort & country Clubs
  • Low income groups

Corporate Talks that Create Healthier, More Productive Workers

The stress of a fast-paced corporate environment can take a toll on employees’ health, leading to less productivity and more missed work days. For the last ten years, StaciJoy has spoken about health issues to audiences of up to 500 at companies like The Juice Plus+ Company, LLC, a company that manufactures and distributes Juice Plus+ to more than 20 countries around the world, and printing chain Sir Speedy. Since 1994, StaciJoy has even trained large groups of sales people in how to analyze consumers’ data to improve overall customer service. She has also inspired many big and smaller groups with her simply stated, easily followed system for how to identify and reach health and energy goals.

From Treating Trauma to Inspiring Health

After eight years as a medical, surgical nurse in an emergency room trauma unit, StaciJoy became disillusioned with treating extreme health problems with surgery and prescription drugs. She sought easy ways for people to make their own bodies healthy.

Ever since completing certification in holistic nursing, StaciJoy has been spending her time as a speaker, author, broadcaster, trainer and health coach. She has developed the “one little thing” program to inspire people with health challenges, and even debilitating illnesses, to make great leaps in their health by taking tiny steps.