Health Brief: M-A-N

This project is nothing new to you…it’s a reminder to either get back on track or stay on your current course.

Most diseases are preventable and reversible!

The good news about your health is that you can prevent 90% of all diseases known to man if you would simply practice healthy lifestyle habits-consistently. We are self-healing humans, like something out of a sci-fi movie. Our cells regenerate over and over again every four months, and the way we move, think, feel, and eat determine whether those cells regenerate healthy or dis-eased.

As a holistic public health nurse, I am constantly searching for easy, safe and inexpensive things we can do to make this world a better place one person, one family and one organization at a time.  I break the physical human experience into three parts:Movement, Attitude and Nutrition.


Movement is critical to a self-healing body. We were designed to move every single day. Movement will affect your immune system and nervous system in profound ways. If moving your body ranks up there with having your teeth pulled without anesthesia or living alone in the jungle without your cell phone, start small. Walk around the block once, and when you’re ready, walk around the block twice and so on. Dance around your living room to your favorite song. Do push ups.  If you are serious about making a difference, hire a personal fitness trainer to get you started so you can develop good fitness habits. The idea here is to move your bones, your joints, and your limbs until you break a sweat five times a week. Remember, the more lean muscle mass you build, the more calories you will burn to maintain the muscle. Go ahead, I dare you to give it a try.


Attitude is critical to building a strong body. Your brain has intimate conversations all day long with your immune cells, telling them what to do and where to go. A positive mental outlook is more powerful than any pharmaceutical drug on the market. Hope for a healthy future and gratitude for what you have today can make the difference between depression and joy. I recommend that you do one thing every day in addition to your regular morning routine, and that is to state ten things you are grateful for as you begin your day. Don’t just state them…feel them!


Nutrition is how we fuel our cells for performance. Sadly, we have lost the connection between nutrition and disease in this country. It’s not rocket science. This information can literally save your life, so please pay close attention. In the US, we get our food from three places:  the animal farm (all forms of meat and dairy), the factory (processed foods) and the crop (whole foods from the ground). Currently, the average American is eating 90% of his calories from the animal farm and the factory and 10% of his calories from the crop. If you flip that formula around and eat at least 80% of all of your calories from whole foods that are picked from the ground or trees, you will be eating the healing diet. These foods include whole soy products, whole grains, raw nuts, seeds, beans, and lots of fresh colorful fruits and vegetables.

Are you eating your fruits and vegetables?

We need a minimum of 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies every day. If you cannot or will not eat that many servings, I recommend whole food concentrates in capsule form. Whole food supplements are much more effective and safer than taking isolated vitamins and minerals. Whole food concentrates are made from fruits, vegetables and grains that have been vine ripened, juiced and dehydrated into a powder. It is important that your supplement has a body of scientific evidence on the specific formula that you are taking every day. You are looking for positive changes in humans who take the formula, not rats, mice or rabbits please. Science is key here. Juice Plus+ is my favorite supplement because of the large and continually growing body of research that validates its efficacy and safety. Learn more at

There you have it. Keep it clean, keep it simple, and have fun with it. Please take baby steps or you will slam through a detoxification process which might not feel so good. You only get one body in this lifetime, so you might as well make it count.

Quote for the day: Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.Og Mandingo