Do You REALLY Know What GMO Means?

My call to action:

As a Board Certified Holistic Public Health Nurse, it has become an inconvenient truth for me to finally understand the serious consequences that genetically engineered farming has on our national public health safety, especially among our children who are the most vulnerable to its potentially harmful effects. I feel an ethical responsibility to my country to try to make this complex mess better understood by those who exercise their voting power.

Here’s the scoop:

Since 1996, big bio-tech companies like Monsanto have been getting away with altering the genetic coding of plants and animals by taking genes from one species and forcing it into the genes of other species, altering the stability of the DNA strands. They are mostly tampering with soy, corn, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, wheat, and cotton crops and soon, salmon and mosquitos. They won’t stop until they’ve obtained a patent on every single seed, fish, animal, and every living organism in existence. So far, these foods have infiltrated just about every food item on the supermarket shelf that is non-organic.

There are two things happening with our food crops when considering GMOs.

First, there are herbicide-tolerant crops. Roundup Ready Crops are genetically engineered crops that have had their DNA altered to allow them to withstand an herbicide called glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup. They are also known as “glyphosate tolerant crops”, where a farmer can spray the entire crop with glyphosate, killing only the weeds and leaving the crop alive. The potential danger in this is cancer-causing cell mutations in humans and livestock, as well as a reduction in the nutritional content of that plant.

Second, there are pesticide-producing crops, mostly in corn and cotton fieldsA toxin called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is ingected into the plant DNA, whereby when a bug eats the plant, its stomach explodes. The potential danger in this is leaky gut in humans and livestock, leading to all known and unknown inflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders and Autism spectrum disorders.

So what’s the big deal anyway?

It’s a very big deal because this technology is potentially dangerous to humans (especially children) and livestock who eat GMO foods, wreaking havoc throughout their immune systems, gastrointestinal tracts, nervous systems, and reproductive tracts, potentially leading to diseases and sterility. It has not been proven safe, through independent testing, for long-term health effects.  This is, without a doubt, the most serious public health disaster in man’s history.

Why has it come down to this?

1. Because every time the grass-roots consumer works to get this bill onto the desks of our politicians, Monsanto threatens to sue the States and the legislation gets thrown out.

2. Because Monsanto and other chemical companies place allies and loyal ex-employees on the same committees that get laws passed, keeping them heavy-handed as food politicians, strategically placed to increase bottom-line profits.

3. Because Monsanto has a long history of bullying, isolating, black balling, arresting, and firing individuals who oppose them or try to reveal the truth (small farmers, disgruntled employees who know the truth, corporate leaders with a conscience, politicians…)

4. Because there are no long-term independent studies linking GMO technology to vague diseases and public health safety, Monsanto claims that their gene-splicing is safe, and they have continued to get away with it over the past 16 years. GMO are banned and labeled in numerous other countries around the world, as of this date, at least 49.  These countries include the European Union, Japan, Russia, even China.  Additionally, India, with 1 billion people, will start labeling in January.  What do all of these countries know that we are not allowed to know?

5. Because experts within the GMO industry keep insisting that the average American is not intelligent enough to understand what it is, so why should they answer to us? We have some work to do, and fast. Let’s prove them wrong!!

Try this social experiment:

Ask 20 people you know if they can explain to you what GMO technology is and the Proposition number that is associated with this issue. You might be shocked by what you find!

What can you do about this?

1. Set aside some time to educate yourself about this quickly.

Google search: Jeffrey M. Smith, a leader in the campaign.

2. Vote YES on Prop 37 – It requires the food industry to label GMO on their packaging. The only down side to this bill is that it will negatively affect sales within the big bad food industry. You can see why there is such an intensive opposition to this bill. There is no down side to the consumer WHEN this passes.  It is simply about revealing GMOs on our food labels, because we have a RIGHT TO KNOW what is in our food and what we are feeding our children.

Here’s the important part:

California is the critical state in this. If Prop 37 passes in California, the other states will most likely follow its lead. We have a narrow window of opportunity to pass this bill. Things will NOT look good for the health and safety of our nation if this does not pass in California the first time it makes it to the ballot.

Thank you for paying attention. Our children are depending on your immediate responsiveness, your compassion and your intelligence. YOU make a difference.

Quote for the day: “Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues  of our time is more important than ever.”
Leonardo DiCaprio