What services do you offer?

I am an independent holistic nurse consultant, health coach, speaker and author specializing in natural health and disease prevention for the family. My primary purpose is to improve the “whole person” health of individuals, families and organizations by providing health education and inspiration, products and services, and a supportive environment that will empower others to make positive lifestyle choices. My message and methods are simple. Just change one little thing at a time. Then let the little changes naturally lead to bigger changes. This is how change sticks.

How would you work with me and/or my family?

I start with evaluating the adult and/or child assessment form which can be found and filled out via my website, or I will be happy to give you a hard copy. This is followed with an individual or family consultation. I will come to your home and educate your family about the do’s and dont’s of nutrition in a fun, kid-friendly and easy-to-understand format. Working in partnership with you, I come up with a plan that best suits you and your family and offer ongoing support. We can walk through the grocery store together and learn how to be a more healthy-conscious consumer. I will help you learn more about whole food supplementation and how it affects every cell in your body. Above all, I keep it simple–and fun.

How are you different?

I take complex situations, diagnoses and lifestyles and make achieving better health simple. I work in partnership with my clients. I don’t “prescribe” a solution and then send them on their way to figure it out themselves; I make myself available as often as needed and provide ongoing support. I provide education on how holistic and/or complimentary therapies can be used in conjunction with traditional medical practices. I counsel my clients on how to maintain a state of wellness from a holistic point of view, combining mind, emotion, body and spirit. I am also very inexpensive. Again, I keep it very simple–no expensive tests or expensive diagnostics.

Do you focus on specific illnesses or conditions?

I counsel and train people with diverse health issues, from stress-related illnesses and allergies to long-term degenerative diseases including: multiple sclerosis (MS): cancer, rheumatoid arthritis; heart disease; autoimmune disorders; and AIDS. I work with parents of children within the autism spectrum and attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD). I also deliver special programs for: weight and obesity challenges; elderly health issues; resort & country clubs; and low income groups.

I'm concerned about my aging parents, can you help?

I advocate for the sick and/or elderly. I go with or meet my clients at the hospital, consult with their doctor(s), review their meds, and get their affairs in order at home. Upon their release from the hospital, I get them back to the basics and help them transition into healthier daily living and better nutrition.

Do you have experience working with athletes?

Absolutely. Several of my clients are tri-athletes and marathoners. I know how to fuel the athletic body for performance and repair.

How do you work with stress management?

I teach techniques that help people manage and cope with stress in a healthier way through exercise, mindset and nutritional healing, i.e. movement, attitude and nutrition, which I also highlight in my book.

What inspired you to write a book?

While working as a registered nurse in the emergency room, I realized most people could avoid health issues, by changing their daily choices. I wrote “one little thing” to educate the public on how changing one simple habit will lead to better overall health. If followed consistently, changing one little habit at a time, over time, will lead to big changes. “one little thing” is a quick read designed to take readers through simple steps to a journey to better health and wellness.