My Book “one little thing”…

bookbanner.pngVolume 1 – one little thing: how to make big leaps with tiny steps.

This 4” X 6” starter is the “one little thing” system in its most basic form. Set your internal GPS by determining your destination, fuel up with a WHY, and begin adding “one little thing” at a time to your life. Learn how to RECALCULATE ROUTE when you fall off course. This starter is perfect for the corporate environment, schools, places of worship, clubs, health organizations and change agents around the world.
little_thing_newVolume 2 – one little thing: health transformation for the tortoise and the hare.  

This complex little pocketbook teaches the same “one little thing” system as Volume 1, plus more. The Tortoise changes slowly and the Hare jumps quickly into fast transformation. No matter what pace you travel, learn how to overhaul your engine (gut repair) and change your filter (detox) to keep your “check engine light” from illuminating. This book was written for change agents, organizations, the sick and tired population, the overweight and frustrated, and those who are looking for other options as they travel down Hopeful Highway.

These book makes a great gift for anyone who needs to take tiny steps toward improved health. It is priced at $9.95 each and can be found on and in my sidebar.